A revolutionary new product for the construction industry, it is the result of a collaboration between Ness-Tech and the artist, Tom Schrunk. From this joint venture was launched Lustracon.

The pattern in the block changes the look of the surface dependent upon ambient light and the direction of viewing. This breaks up what would have normally been a dreary and plain block wall.




The unique features







Lustracon is the name for a series of blocks with totally unique and decorative patterns molded in, making them ideal for providing stunning effects on both exterior and interior walls.

The product was made possible by our patented N-E-Face™ technology that allows virtually any look to be achieved on a concrete masonry unit, all from a single mold.




Spring Lake Park School







Lustracon was used in several locations and applications in Spring lake Park School in Minnesota.

Not only were contrasting blocks used for the school name on the exterior wall of the school, a number were used as decorative elements in breaking up large expanses of brick in the walls of the school itself.


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