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As a homeowner you benefit from the advantages our products hold over others in that not only are ours easier for contractors to work with - thereby decreasing installation costs - but that they also offer more attractive options due to our ability to create more striking patterns and colors available.




Chateau retaining walls







Choose between our Chateau Hewn that provides a traditional shape while utilizing natural rock textures on the face, delivering a modern equivalent to natural rock with greatly reduced cost, or our Chateau Ledge which is an extremely attractive choice for residential projects. Chateau Ledge gives a decorative, layered look to any retaining wall.

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Polystone retaining walls







The Polystone Ledge Rock was designed primarily for parapet sitting walls. The units have a rock texture on front and rear faces, thereby eliminating the need to purchase two types of block to build your parapet wall.The natural looking pattern breaks up the area of a wall in a beautiful way and gives a natural look to the structure.

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Our concrete pavers were developed to create the ultimate in design versatility combined with ease of installation. Available in a series of colors, the blocks can be mixed to create just about any pattern desired for decorative effect. They are also available in "no-cut" kits to allow you to install a walkway, driveway, patio or terrace with the minimum of labor and clean up.

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Outdoor living products







Our range of outdoor starts with a variety of planters designed especially for outdoor, above-ground and in-ground use. Made from quality concrete, they are sturdier and longer lived than commonly available molded planters, with superior drainage qualities to ensure your plants never become waterlogged due to rain or overwatering.

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