The NessTech concrete pavers were developed to create the ultimate in design versatility. They lend themselves to a large variety of both commercial and residential applications where the need is for a durable and attractive paving stone application. On top of this, their design allows for minimum cutting and great ease of installation.




The Paver Blocks





Paver Border

Paver Edger

Large Paver

Half Paver


The pavers consist of a set of just four pieces that interlock and join together in a way that allows ease of installation and the absolute minimum of cutting, and quite possibly no cutting.

Yet despite the simplicity of the individual blocks, the patterns that can be created are almost endless with just a few different blocks even.





Arrow Paver Center

Block Half Large

Block Half Small

Arrow Paver Edger


For the more intricate and custom designed installations we provide an add-on series of paver blocks that allow more flexibility in design.




Simple ... Yet Versatile








Available in a series of colors, the blocks can be mixed to create just about any pattern desired for decorative effect or even brand identity for such things as corporate locations, schools, and sporting arenas.

To date, installations have included such projects as patios, a paved area for a wedding altar at a winery, paved firepit areas, garden walkways, etc.




Pre-cut Kits









Our line of interlocking concrete paver blocks are also available in "no-cut" kits, allowing you to install a walkway, driveway, patio or terrace with minimum labor and clean-up. The kits come in various pre-planned sizes, patterns and striking colors and are available in square and rectangular formats.




Custom Design







We also provide custom creative services for specific shaped areas and particular patterns you may wish to have. Our pavers are designed to enable you to express your style conceived with three key pillars in mind.

Mix and match color, scale and texture to create clearly unique looks for your outdoor spaces. We will work with you to create the layout and pattern of your choice, intermixing the various pavers available in the chosen colors to create the custom layout you desire.


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