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A philosophy of ongoing improvement






For over 40 years NessTech is at the forefront of design and production of architectural products used in retaining walls, architectural masonry products and its new lines of pavers and outdoor living products.

For architectural blocks, veneers, retaining walls, pavers, and a new and expanding line of outdoor living products, you can count on the peerless quality of NessTech products and their precision-machined molds.




Jeff Ness







Jeff and his father developed the molds and blocks that make up our proprietary lines of product.

Jeff's experience in the concrete industry spans the whole spectrum from block and mold design, to design and installation of the projects as a whole. It is this experience that allows him to work directly with people in assessing their project needs.




Superior Product






Despite working in an industry built on traditional products, NessTech is constantly looking for ways to improve the design of its products for efficient manufacture, ease of use and installation, while keeping high standards with the finished look.

Our advanced capabilities allow us to provide innovation that includes sound engineered solutions for manufacturers, architects, landscape designers and installers.




N-E-Face Technology








Our patented N-E-Face™ technology allows virtually any look to be achieved on a concrete masonry unit - all from a single mold. This technology can be exclusively licensed from NessTech with exclusive looks for your needs.

As well as being utilized to create some of our more popular textures like Polystone Ledge and Chateau Ledge Rock faces, we have created custom effects for various block designs as requested.






Variety of products







We offer one of the largest selections of products and finishes to the marketplace and work closely with partners and associates in the creation of efficient molds and optimization when producing our products.

Our product lines continue to grow with a newly launched line of pavers and the products in our Outdoor series. We provide a wide variety of custom colors, shapes and sizes in most product lines and work with architects to create effects that showcase a project's design.


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