The importance of the mold







A great block starts with the mold, and that's precisely where we start.

NessTech has been designing and building molds for over 20 years, delivering complete mold assemblies and parts all over the world. Whatever your machine, we can manufacture molds or parts to fit your needs. Regardless of shape, size or texture, we can design and build a mold to allow production of your desired product.




The design







Our cutting edge CAD system allows us to design concrete molds that can produce the specific products our industry needs. The latest shapes and textures, everything from basic masonry units to our new line of pavers and some unique surfaces proprietary to Ness-Tech. If there's a specific look you want to achieve, we can even reverse engineer a product for you to ensure you receive the exact results you are looking for.




Precision machining







With our precision machining capabilities, our molds are engineered and produced with exactitude. From the simpler parts to entire complex mold fabrication, our in-house machining capabilities will provide you with molds that will create the ultimate product over a long period of production cycles.





Unique product capabilities







Our ability to form a relationship to create and produce a custom block is perfectly represented by our work with the Lustracon block. Our coordination with the artist, Tom Schrunk, led to the creation of a series of blocks with unique face designs.

We relish the chance to work with creative thinkers in the industry to help them realize their designs in a finished product.


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